Who Or What Is Studio Space?

What is ‘Better Space’?

We created Studio Space around our core belief that 'Better Work starts with Better Space'- which means helping you to find a considered & contemporary but cost-effective space with ongoing support, for your business to thrive.

How are Studio Space offices different from a co-working space or serviced office?

The biggest difference is that we own and manage all the buildings ourselves, meaning we can offer premium office spaces at really affordable prices with lots of benefits as standard. Many other offices are packaged as ‘all inclusive’ or‘ serviced offices’ but are simply leased by a management company who will need to charge enough to cover their rents, plus the service they offer. What may look like a good deal on the surface may be masking hidden charges and offer much less than at first glance.

Who is behind Studio Space?

Studio Space is an offshoot of Boultbee Brooks Real Estate, who own all of the Studio Space buildings. We have a passion for finding unloved and overlooked buildings and bringing them back to life. We’ve been buying and managing buildings since 1987 and are RICS accredited so we’d like to think we know what we’re doing! But we are always ready to listen to feedback to make our customers experience better.

How do I book a viewing?

You can request to view any our available spaces by selecting the unit you’re interested & completing a form from there, or you can call us directly to arrange. We’re currently working on being able book a viewing directly via the Studio Space website.

What's Included & What's Not?

What's the difference between a 'fitted' & a 'shell' Studio Space?

Studio Spaces are offered at two levels of finish: 'fitted' which are finished to the highest specifications and ready to move straight into, or 'shell' which gives you freedom to tailor the space exactly as you need it. Whichever you choose, a host of features and ongoing support come as standard, meaning you can focus on your business growth.

What is included?

Our 'fitted' spaces are fully all-inclusive and include everything shown in the list below.
*Our 'shell' spaces include the *starred* items as standard.

— Fully fitted and furnished space including TV
— Your own meeting space
— Your own kitchen
— Relaxed areas for collaborative working
— More desk space per-person
— Options for furnishings
— Weekly cleaning
— Dilapidations
— Data cabling
— Buildings insurance*
— Bike storage where available *
— Shower & Changing Facilities*
— HVAC & associated maintenance*
— Up to 100 MB data connection*
— Use of any available on-site communal meeting room*
— Use of any available on site amenity (fees may apply for some partner amenities)*
— Partner discounts (where applicable)*
— Rent*
— Service charges
— Business rates (at the current rate payable)
— Front of house management*
— Ongoing support from the Studio Space team

What’s excluded?

Your monthly electricity cost is additional as this will vary from tenant to tenant, depending on usage. Parking (where available) is extra, as is any upgrade to your broadband speed. Phone packages also aren’t included as cost will vary depending on your needs. Some sites have partner facilities such as a gym, where fees may be payable for use, although we typically negotiate excellent preferential rates for our tenants!

What insurances are included?

We include insurance that covers damage to the building, and Public Liability. You’ll need your own contents insurance to cover your own kit such as computers, laptops etc, any furnishings you bring in, all personal belongings, and of course your own professional insurances such as Professional Indemnity and Employers Liability.

How will I know what fixtures & fittings are covered?

We’ll take an inventory with photos, so its clear what’s covered by who. It also records the condition of the space & the fittings, so we can agree on any damage during your tenancy.

Leases & Legals

How long is a Studio Space lease?

We currently offer leases of 2, 3 or 5 years, usually with a discount for longer terms.

Do you offer a break option?

Break options are typically negotiated for longer leases, often 10 years or more. Because we offer short terms, we don’t include break clauses because it keeps the leases simple.

What are the Studio Space lease terms?

Studio Space lease terms have been written in plain English to be clear and easy to understand. We believe that this is the first step in being open and transparent- you know exactly what you are signing up for and you don’t need a legal expert to decipher it for you. Although you are welcome to have it checked over of course! Contact us if you’d like to see an example lease before committing to anything.

Are your leases ‘contracted out of the Landlord & Tenant act 1954’ and what does it mean?

Typically, yes they are- it means that when the lease ends you will not have an automatic right to renew your lease & you’ll need to agree a new term with us when your lease ends. This is very common now and always the case with serviced offices or co-working spaces.

What is a ‘Statutory Declaration’?

This is declaration you make in the presence of (usually) a solicitor which affirms that you understand the agreement you signing- in this case understanding that you are contracting out of the Landlord & Tenant act 1954.

What are dilapidations?

When a lease expires a tenant is typically expected to return the property to the same state in which it was let- so this may mean reinstating alterations or repairing any damage. ‘Dilapidations’ are the costs a tenant is required to pay the landlord to cover this cost and sometimes include loss of rent to for the work to be completed after the lease.

Will I have to pay dilapidations?

Yes although in 'fitted' Studio Spaces this is included as part of the all-inclusive rate. If you choose to take one of our 'shell' spaces and do a custom  fit out, then dilapidation costs may be payable depending on the extent of the work. Talk to us about your plans for works and if your space would need to be reinstated at the end of your tenancy.

Who do I speak to about my lease or if I have any questions about moving in?

Each building has its own centrally managed Studio Space team (who know our buildings inside out), backed up by fantastic partners and experts. We’re here to look after you from your initial enquiry, right through to moving in and throughout the duration of your tenancy.

How soon could I move?

Once the the lease & statutory declaration are signed, and your deposit paid we can agree a move date, which could be as quickly as 5 days.

Can I move to a different space within the building?

We’re here to help and happy to help you move to a different space if you need to, subject to availability. You’ll need to start a new lease term but there’s no cost for moving up. There may be some exit fees for moving to a smaller space, but we’ll do our best to support you in any way we can.

Costs & Payments

Do I need to pay a deposit?

Yes, you’ll need to pay a 1 month fully refundable deposit to secure your Studio Space.

When might you keep my deposit?

The only time we would retain all or part of your deposit is if there is damage to the space or fixtures and fittings at the end of your tenancy, and depending on the type of space you have, ie 'fitted' or 'shell' (fair wear & tear excepted). We’ll always clearly explain the costs we are deducting.

Are any of your spaces ‘all-inclusive’?

Yes, our 'fitted' Studio Spaces are all-inclusive. 'Shell' spaces also include lots of  features benefits as standard. Please see the section 'What’s Included & What’s Not?' for more information.

What about business rates?

Business rates are included in our all-inclusive packages, but may not apply to your space depending on your location and unit size – get in touch if you’d like some help on this.

Do you have a referral scheme?

Yes we do- tenants could receive up to 1 month rent free when recommending others under our referral scheme. Please contact us to discuss.

Our Buildings & Facilities

Do I have any choice on the fixtures and fiitings?

'Fitted' spaces are carefully designed and completed by us, with premium fittings and furnishings. They are designed with their own kitchen, and an integral meeting room or area, with everything supplied for you to use, so they’re ready to move into when you are. Depending on the status of the fit-out when you sign up, it may be possible for you to choose finishes and colours.

If you need something more tailored, our 'shell' spaces might be better suited. You are welcome to arrange your own designers and contractors, or our design team can work with you to create a fully bespoke fit-out, all managed in-house with a single point of contact.

Do you have meeting rooms?

Each 'fitted' studio has its own private meeting space. If you are fitting out a 'shell' space to your own specification, you can add as many meeting rooms as you need! Most of our buildings also also have larger bookable meeting rooms and events spaces for all tenants to use.

Can I book meeting room if I’m not a tenant?

Sadly we are unable to offer meeting rooms to members of the public. However we may offer event spaces for public bookings depending on the building. Please contact the manager of your chosen building to discuss what options are available.

Do you have shower facilities & cycle storage?

Yes we do- we encourage everyone to travel by cycle or even walk to work if possible, and know what a difference taking a refreshing shower makes to the working day. Even better, there is no charge to use showers and cycle storage.

Is there an on-site gym?

Many of our buildings offer gym facilities from our fitness studio/gym partners www.v1be.com & www.lifestylefitness.co.uk. Studio Space tenants receive exclusive memberships and deals, just speak to your front of house team about the deals available to you.

Are there any coffee shops or cafes in your buildings?

Many of our buildings have excellent on-site facilities from the likes of independent coffee shop www.200degs.com who offer sit in, take away and catering for meetings big and small. There are also plenty of excellent eateries a short walk from each of our buildings.

Is there any on-site parking?

Most of our buildings have parking, although we actively encourage use of public transport and bikes wherever possible. Cycle storage and showers facilities are all included in your tenancy. If you’d still like to drive in, get in touch with us to discuss parking availability in your location.

How much space is allocated per desk?

'Fitted' Studio Spaces are designed to be 1 person per 7-8 sq m which is far more generous than the typical serviced offices space of 1 person per 4 or 5 sq m! We don’t believe that business profitability is based on how many people you can fit in a space, instead that businesses thrive when people genuinely enjoy being in the workplace and your team has space to think, collaborate and grow.

What are the smallest and biggest spaces you have?

Studio Spaces can accommodate teams of anything from 8 to 100. We know that businesses change & evolve, and never more so that now. We’re here to provide the space & support you need to help your business scale up, or down. Contact us to discuss your needs.

Can I customise my space?

Yes, within reason- get in touch with your building manager to chat though your ideas.

Connectivity & IT

Can I transfer our internet connection?

All our spaces are wired as standard, so you don’t need to. We may be able to make exceptions, for example if you’re in a contract- we’ll do our best to help you migrate over. Contact us to chat through the process.

Can I upgrade my internet package?

Of course- please get in touch to discuss options and costs.

Do you offer a phone package?

You’ll need to set up your own agreement with a VOIP phone provider- we can recommend one or you can use your own. Get in touch to learn more.

Are there printing facilities?

We don’t offer communal print facilities as you can simply install your own printers in your studio, which is far more cost effective as you simply pay your own printing costs.

Tenant Support

What if  something in my space needs fixing?

Once you’re a tenant you’ll have the support of an onsite front of house team to help you with any day-to-day issues. Depending on your tenancy type (ie 'shell' or 'fitted') we’ll have the problem fixed as soon as possible, or can point you to help if you need it.

Can I get in the office anytime 24/7?

Yes, our buildings are accessible to tenants 24 hrs, with manned sites staffed during normal working hours (8.30-5.30) for additional on-site support.

What happens if there’s an emergency?

There’s always someone available to help if you’re locked out, or need help, whatever time of the day or night. The out of hours help desk number is 0203 282 7177.

Can I add or remove desks to a 'fitted' space?

You’re more than welcome to add desks to your space at your cost, up to comfortable maximum. Speak to your building manager to help with organisation and installation.

C&S Responsibility

Do you have a recycling or furniture reuse policy?

Quality is paramount in our fit outs because we know that better quality fittings last and therefore have less impact on the environment. We will always reuse whatever we can, providing we aren’t compromising on quality.

How does Studio Space support mental and physical health?

At the heart of Studio space is the belief that Better Work starts with Better Space. We know that people are inspired by (and are more productive in) great surroundings. Our spaces are designed to be light, bright, uplifting and comfortable, and expertly designed to make it easy to love being at work. We’re open to any ideas that you think will make the work day better.